About The Food Growers

Diana and David Pink happily operate Fresh Start Edibles which is a locally owned company growing sustainable healthy food using Permaculture principles, Micro-Irrigation, French intensive market gardening, crop rotation and planning.  We are living and growing food at Affinity Farm and Guesthouse in Cowichan Bay and loving it!

Diana and David Pink are passionate, innovative and inspired entrepreneurs. We love to grow a wide variety of fresh healthy produce, herbs, fruits and berries year round and educate folks about the benefits of the food. We are also staunch believers in all forms of conservation and
and working peacefully and respectfully with Mother Nature to grow amazing and beautiful food!

We both have a wide and varied background in the profit/not-for-profit sectors, special event management, administration and marketing, and we have been successfully self-employed for the past 15 years.

For the past two seasons, Fresh Start Edibles operated a CSA (Customer/Community Supported Agriculture) program at Damali Lavender Farm and Winery in Cobble Hill.  In 2013, we had 5 families signed up, and in 2014, we doubled it to 10 families in addition to feeding 10 people on the farm.

Our Farm Stand at the gate to Affinity is very popular and we have met lots of wonderful folks in our first year at Affinity.

David and Diana also operate Warm Land Irrigation — we install Micro-Irrigation in pots, planters, food gardens, flower beds and lawns, saving people water, time and money.  After 7 years our 70+ clients include residential, commercial and small & large farms (including Affinity), we are collectively conserving millions of litres of water annually and lots of watering time!

Call or email for more info about what we do…we’d love to hear from you!


Tanner Elton owns Affinity Farm, Guesthouse and Nature Sanctuary which is located where the river meets the sea in Cowichan Bay in the Cowichan Valley.  The property is 26 acres in the heart of the Cowichan River Estuary, 10 acres is behind a dyke and 16 acres outside the dyke.  The property is currently utilized as a premiere wedding destination, and summer weekends are booked full with happy couples who utilize the accommodations, lawn and camping areas. It’s also a great place to have
a special birthday party or family reunion.

The property is in the ALC and has farm status.  It’s Tanner’s wish to develop the farm side of the property to include 2-3 acres of fruit, berries and intensive market gardens as well as utilizing the greenhouse and moveable greenhouses to maximize growing space. Future plans are
exciting too and include a general store selling our fermented goodies!

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